The One About a Prophet

The earth trembles. A nation devours another. Disaster is decreed for a people whose hearts have forsaken their God. And a man named Jeremiah cries out for God’s justice against Israel’s enemies, even as he prophesies against the people of Israel. There’s something about the Old Testament that reveals so much about God’s heart, specifically … More The One About a Prophet

Pouring Out

Frustration penetrated my thoughts today as I brushed past harried metro riders shifting their Steven King novels, shoving through crowds of hungry, droopy eyed government workers as the dank metro snaked underneath my city. My mind kept casting back to memories laced with remorse over words left unsaid or caustic ones that slipped through. I tossed over ways … More Pouring Out

This Light

There are always moments in our lives when we want to believe that there is something more than what we are experiencing. We fiercely cling to hope in the darkness. When the words people say and the events of our lives take twists we weren’t prepared for. And we wish we could go back to … More This Light

Lift Up

Today finds me sinking against my couch in running shorts, matching pink shirt and mismatched socks. (Am I the only one who loses every matching pair of socks to the washing machine?) I’m exhausted already from this relatively shorter week at work. Mostly it’s mental. And the added stress from navigating the metro. While I’m learning … More Lift Up

Pursuing Perfect

Sometimes our hearts don’t make any sense. Or our emotions. Sometimes we look into a mirror and don’t recognize ourselves. I’ve totally done that. Or we’ve seen just how perfect we look on the outside, but underneath all of that we’re a mess. Perfection isn’t bad in and of itself. Jesus Christ was the perfect … More Pursuing Perfect

A Suffering Love

Love, nailed to a tree, His broken body bled out for me. His heart broken, His heart surrendered, He bore my sin – the evil enslaving me. Hands outstretched, searing pain as soldiers hammer nails into hands that washed feet and opened blind eyes and welcomed children and draw me in even now. Love risked … More A Suffering Love