Finally FINALLY it’s Spring

Over the past few months, I have had to endure the frigid PA weather. Even though I’m usually pretty good at bundling up with scarves, a warm coat, even an extra pair of leggings underneath, I was hardly prepared for -9 and -11 degree temperatures from January to March. Seriously. It lasted that long here. On a delightfully sunny February afternoon, I attempted to risk a short walk down the street. Just to escape the confines of my home was all I needed. However, when I ventured into the brisk winter weather, I found that I could barely keep enough space between my hat and my scarf to see. This ended my attempts at outdoor excursions into the great outdoors.

Now, though, spring has finally come. Along with its lovely flowers and tree blossoms. Everyone says how the world comes alive in the spring, how it makes you feel more open to every possibility. In some ways it does all of this for me. I start to shop for sandals and bathing suits. I decide to walk my dog in flip flops (even though its still 50 degrees outside and windy). And then! I realize that although this season is very low key for me (being a recent college graduate I haven’t exactly landed a college level job yet), it will soon usher in summer. Summer with all of its bold sun, bugs ready to bite my legs, my friend’s wedding and a delightful trip to Florida….But I’m still stuck in spring, when I’m still trying to hope and believe that the cold will end (I wore my winter coat yesterday), in more ways than one.

However, I did find time to make a random batch of Digestive cookies. They sound weird, but they are actually a British tea cookie. Delicious. Similar to a sugar cookie, only I like them better.=) I found them on Food52. I really like that site! So many good ideas!


Well that’s all for now. =)


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