Coping with Weddings, Part 2

One of the many ways I cope with weddings is through jabbering about it with the instant, weekend long friends I make during  wedding prep.  Here’s what you need to know about this very essential wedding coping mechanism. 😉

First, new found, instant BFFs are one of my favorite things about weddings.

The randomness and accidental nature of these friendships make them way more fun.  You never know which bridesmaid you’ll click with most, but most of the time they’re all super happy for your mutual BFF anyway, they won’t be anything but thrilled to be there and get to know you (even if they can’t stand you switching the radio station to Taylor Swift AGAIN whenever a hipster song comes on).

Also, the humor.  I’ve learned you can’t go an extended weekend in another state, living out of a suitcase with a group of other girls your age without cracking up about the silliest things because you’re all sleep deprived. Nor can you survive this weekend without revealing your quirks to them….Your addiction to Starbucks, your pathetic ability to do hair (can anyone do anything with my frazzled mop of hair?), the list goes on.  The evening after one wedding, my plane schedule became a slight issue with another bridesmaid who needed to catch a ride to the airport too: “Um. yes I do have a flight to catch at 8:00am, and our carpool leaves at 7:00…What, you’re not a morning person?”

Yet, these friendships have their perks.  One of them being, your sole stress relievers during the wedding.  Since making the bride perfectly, blissfully happy is key, she is not the woman to run to when you lost your makeup remover, you can’t find nail polish to match your mint green dress, you can’t find a bathroom to change, you need ibuprofen because you’re barely eating and sleeping in the excitement of all the flower clipping, or the last minute crate painting and mingling with the bride and groom’s families (that you barely know and half may speak Spanish) the night before the wedding.  When worst comes to worst, and the groomsmen crack jokes about the bridesmaids and the bride missing their cues during the waltz down the aisle, DON’T FREAK OUT.  Later, on a drive to or from venues and rehearsal dinners, laugh at the chaos with fellow bridesmaids.  Chances are they need a reason to detox from wedding stress too.

A favorite memory I have is post-wedding related.  After the chaos finally subsided, the pies and desserts cut and devoured,  friends lingering to take pictures with quirky oversized glasses and mustaches in a photo booth, I dashed away to the bride and groom’s apartment with a fellow bridesmaid to collect my suitcase and leave.  The only issue was, we had no way of getting to a hotel room and the bride and groom were on their way there within the hour.  As we waited for another bridesmaid to pick us up, the other girl and I perched on her couch, hugging purses and suitcase handles, wanting so desperately to take off our bridesmaid dresses and just relax. THEN…..we heard a knock and screams filled the room like you wouldn’t believe.  Seconds later, the third bridesmaid pushes her way into the room and we collapse, giggling, faces tomato red.  We finally made it out of there, but whoosh! What a scare! 😉


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