Pet Peeves and Weddings

In October I found out my brother would be getting married in April.  Initially, I freaked out.  Since I’m in the House Party,  four other girls and I were chosen to wear gold dresses .  One month later, I impulsively bought a dress at Dillard’s that I loved at first after scrolling through several tacky, too short, too low cut or too bronze looking  to make the cut for the perfect gold dress.

When I tried it on, *gasp* my waist disappeared in all the baggy gold fabric that hung on me like a sheath dress.  Only I didn’t order a sheath dress! My trip to the tailor was equally eventful, but no less annoying, stressful and irritating since I had already spent a quarter of my paycheck on the thing.  Two weeks later, the lovely Korean woman tailored my dress to a T and it finally looked presentable.  The only setback: I had no classy heels to wear with it. I am usually never impulsive like this, but I found the cutest black cut out stiletto heels at Nordstrom.  I couldn’t resist.

Now, though, mere weeks before the wedding, I have imagined all sorts of things going wrong:

1.  In every picture I will tower over every family member, random stranger and acquaintance.

2.  I will totter and trip over an unseen step, carpet (or just myself-even better), arms flailing, face turning beet red in front of all of my brother’s and fiance’s friends.

3. I will be forced to dance with my brother or dad and of course tower and totter my whole way through said dance.  “Didn’t you have chance to practice in these?” He says as I stumble over his fancy dress shoes and dash back to the safe haven of the ice cream bar (yes this is a thing. 😉

One more thing annoys me about the preparation that goes into weddings.  Don’t get me wrong, I love pictures, my brother, his fiance, and them being together and growing up in general. BUT.  When you loop through 150 pictures, rearranging, cropping, inserting audio clips and waiting, jaw clenching, eyes tossing at how slow your computer is working because of all of the media stashed in one PowerPoint presentation you wish secretly the whole thing could be over to your greatest relief!


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