Receptions- Are you invited?

The second I found out that I was going to my cousin’s wedding reception I was, confused. How else can you react when the MO these days for weddings is a small ceremony and exclusive dinner (which by the way doesn’t include extended family except grandparents)? Now, while it was awkward as in: I’m wearing a funny looking, out of style, black and white spring dress and I just saw a name card for my third grade teacher beside my plate (what?!), it also was a fun if unconventional event.
Perks of the day included: delicious fruit, mini cheesecake desserts, and mingling with my cousins and other family members.
As receptions go, I always feel like there is something missing. Is it the newness of their love, the anticipation, the sharing of their vows in front of people who love them? Not everyone needs to agree with me, I’m not expecting that, but you can’t expect family and friends not to be at least a little hurt when you don’t include them on the actual wedding day. Isn’t that the day you want to dance with the ones you love? The day your heart and soul sing and it’s made even more joyous by sharing those feelings, those indelible moments with the ones you love?
I may be biased to big, family weddings, but they’re not for everyone and I do love the uniqueness that is part of every bride’s wedding day.


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