Post Wedding Musings – Part 1

My brother finally got married last weekend and I have to say that besides the stressful: we have to get to the rehearsal dinner in fifteen minutes and we’re already running behind schedule, it was such a wonderful weekend.

To start off, my sister, her best friend, Megan, and I drove together to Charlottesville.  While Megan controlled the directions via her GPS, I maneuvered across highways and around roundabouts (whoever thought those up likes to cause chaos on the highway purposefully. LIke what am I doing – do I go in a circle or straight. There were so many options. Not everyone has a GPS, people! But I digress..)

When we finally got to the hotel, we were so exhausted from our four hour car ride, we sprawled out in the hotel lobby, munching on avocado and strawberries. We tried to soak in a few minutes of downtime before, whoosh! We were up again, greeting our sister-in-law to be’s mom and family as their family and friends swarmed the foray. As soon as we entered our rooms, we threw on rehearsal dinner attire, I scrambled for my USB for the powerpoint (more on this later) and off we went to the rehearsal!

Except, at the rehearsal, there was nothing to do except meet new people, as friends and family mingled and the wedding coordinator pretended to coordinate the mock ceremony (which lets be honest was vague, especially since they didn’t even play the music for us to get in the mood.)  Anyway, the rehearsal was all done in 15 minutes, as soon as the bridesmaids dashed down the aisle and back, without the flower girls (should they have practiced too, um yes!).

Next, we all scrambled to get on the road to the Local, a fabulous restaurant in Charlottesville. The not so fabulous part though was the street parking. Oh and the valet parking? I had no idea this was an option. So of course, my family and I parked a couple blocks away, scurried inside the restaurant where guests were already mingling and I had to get the powerpoint set up! At this point, I started to freak out, since my brother’s laptop was barely charged and I had to do a run through in the back room while my mom tried to introduce me to a few of my brother’s fiance’s relatives. Well! After the bartender asked if I was over 21 and needed a drink, and I told him to get me iced tea (which had a weird flavor, but was delicious), I finally got his computer to run and did a PPT run through. To my surprise this worked too and I finally sank into my seat at the end of the rectangle table, exhausted, on edge (it could still all fall apart, despite my trial run) and hungry (it was 8pm by that time!)

My dad gave a fantastic speech, welcoming and thanking everyone, gushing over how wonderful my brother’s future wife and her family were. He seemed nervous, my dad who is the life of every party, nervous? Then, for the next hour and a half, we enjoyed each other’s company, shared stories and laughter, everyone enjoyed the powerpoint slideshow with pictures of both of them growing up, poses with friends and at the end, poses of them as a couple.

I learned through this experience that stress doesn’t just come from work, it can come from people you love too. The best part about it is, you find out what everyone is really like under pressure. People get angry and upset over the smallest things – where are the decorations, did you remember to open that box? And then, the backed up traffic added to the pressure of us needing to be on time to everything and of course arriving fashionably late. *cough*


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