Post Wedding Part 2

Let me set the record straight: not every girl in her early 20s sitting by herself during the reception dance party wants to be pestered about her future wedding possibilities. Newsflash- most of these girls will glare and snap at you if you mention it or if you comment that she appears sad. No I am not sad thank you very much as another cute couple strolls into the dance floor and swing each other around in effortless bliss. I.Am. Not. Sad. Or depressed. And no I don’t want to cry on your shoulder and talk about it for hours.
Listen, it’s a wonderful feeling getting swept away in fairytale dreams of happily ever someday but when you’re in the middle of your brothers wedding reception, soaking in the mother son dance, emotions flying around your stomach like firecrackers, now is not the time to remind me of my nonexistent love life.
I digress.
I never knew I had so many emotions or that they would all crash in on me as I wove home on the highway with my sister and her friend. But I battled tears thinking of all the changes that had just stalked in: my brother was married and I was moving on, I no longer had his wedding to anticipate or plan for. Now all I had was a handful of pictures, a sparkly gold dress and dried flowers from the bridesmaids bouquets.

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