Bridal Showers and a Bridesmaid

 The past few days have been full of getting ready for my close friends bridal shower on the 6th.  As I threw myself into decorating and baking, I want to share my musings with you. 🙂 

1. Commit but don’t over-commit to baking. Case in point: I had to make three batches of muffins and two batches of quiche.  Everyone enjoyed the quiche, however, the party goers barely touched the muffins. When so many girls band together to contribute food, make sure you don’t bake over 60 mini muffins! Bagels, yogurt, homemade applesauce, French toast casserole, fruit pies, quiche and custard is plenty for 30 women!

2. Don’t excuse yourself from the shower just because you make a last minute vacation. Is this a good excuse? It might be. Does it strain your relationship with the bride and cause her to hold a little grudge against you? You better believe it. Take my advice, cancel your plans and go. Your BFF will thank you later.

3. Don’t freak when people ask nosy pointed questions about your job situation. It doesn’t matter if you work at Macy’s or if you’re a college student and out of a job, if a nosy woman approaches you and asks you what you’re doing, answer with a smile. She’s trying to make conversation. Believe me, small talk is tougher than you think! I used the words “I’m excited” a dozen times on Saturday but I’m sure the only one who noticed was me! 🙂

In all, the shower was a hit. The bridesmaids teamed together to organize and record the gifts while keeping the bride happy with taking pictures, giving her scissors to open gifts and signing a journal type guestbook with words of advice!

What do you like to buy the most for bridal shower gifts? Lingerie? Dinnerware? I once bought a fabulous cutting board for a friend at her shower. I love cutting boards and wooden spoons. Tell me your thoughts in the comments!:) 

Oh and by the way, here’s a picture of the favors table:  



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