Wedding/Life Balance

IMG_2304 Last month, I snapped a picture of my close friend’s bridal shower room, pre-shower. The day consisted of awkward small talk, delicious brunch fare: quiche, blueberry muffins, french toast casserole, fruit, and bagels, and the ever present behind the scenes drama (let’s be honest – it’s not a REAL bridal shower without this.) Despite this, as every bridesmaid (or most every bridesmaid) can attest, the happiness of the bride at the end of the day was worth the sweating over the stove for hours in the early morning, Target runs for mini muffin tins and a scramble in Victorias Secret to find a fabulous gift.

A month out, I am still dashing glances at my refrigerator at the wedding invite, grimacing at the awkward small talk that will most definitely take place and cringing when the ill fated questions pop up into conversation. The positive part about not having a full time job/ full time boyfriend out of college is you become creative in phrasing what you’re doing with yourself. I’ve made job searching sound like a full time career (which it is), I’ve stressed over the crazy mess of dates I’ve turned down and then belted “The More Boys I Meet” as I cruised down the interstate with my sister and friend. This is truly a season like none other.

On the drama side of things, it’s important to point out that when you meet a fellow bridesmaid with a super successful career, it’s important to keep said relationship as polite as possible. This will happen. When it does, please laugh, I need to take my own advice. Just laugh at yourself when you find yourself comparing your own career with other 20 somethings. Yes, you WILL meet a girl your age with the husband, career, child, home that you want ASAP and you will meet someone else in a not so ideal career, with a not so ideal part time job working not so glamorous hours. The important part is your reaction and treating everybody you meet (NOT just at weddings) with respect and kindness.

On another note, I just moved and I am ACHING to write about my experiences in my new place and this new area.

My last words of advice are this: don’t let people’s opinions of you or your unsuccessful seeming career weigh you down or discourage you from going to weddings. Go to them anyway. Embrace the awkward.


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