Monarchs, Fireworks and Folk Music

I swallowed my laughter as I read another blurb about Donald Trump. Still, the truth sometimes has to smack us upside the head before we can really accept the problems that Americans have come to accept as normal, acceptable, status quo. It’s refreshing to see someone stand up against both establishments and express his opinions, even if they come across as crazy hate speech. What honestly has happened to freedom of speech?(See:

On a lighter note, though, I took a walk through my neighborhood and stumbled upon a monarch flitting around along the street. First, it danced in a spiral around me, then darted back to the sidewalk. I wonder why it flitted around me, away from flowers and its usual habitat. Was it as curious about me as I was about it? In the middle of everyday life, a mom tickles her daughter’s chin and she giggles, birds chatter outside my window, people zip by in their Prius’s and Minis, people run stop signs, spit out water and choke on hot dogs, marvel at fireworks sparking through the sky and butterflies dance around people on sidewalks. I can’t help but wonder if it’s God reminding me of Him in the crazy mess of life that I experience every day, He uses traffic jams and awkward silences to fulfill His purposes in our lives. I’m reminded to depend on Him when I can’t depend on anyone else. I have a choice to believe that He will provide or that He won’t, and it’s so freeing, like jumping in the dark, hoping that the rope won’t break, praying that you’ll spring back from whatever crushed you to the ground and mocked at your determination to not give up.

Folk music always plays in bookstores. Is it inspiring and whimsical? Not exactly to me, but now as it goes on around me the words scatter on the keyboard, I keep finding new phrases, and what I thought I never could express somehow formulates into complete thought.

More on weddings later, I just needed a writing hiatus from this. What music sets the mood for your creativity? Indie? Folk? Ingrid Michaelson’s Through is one of my favorites. I feel like I’m immersed in a sad love story, watching a girl sift through the regrets of her last relationship. It’s worth a listen!

We’ll talk soon! 😉


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