Chinese Lanterns, Sharks and Quirks

If anyone needed to learn step by step how to kill a conversation, look no further than yours truly as a professional. Last night, I went to a White Party or a Midsummer’s Night Dream Party. I’m not sure what was supposed to be dreamier, the boys, the twinkle lights, the Chinese lanterns strewn about the backyard or the drinks, but I never quite figured it out. Even though I bought a fabulous H&M dress, the fit and flare type, I still felt like all the awkward vibes in the world crammed into this swanky Arlington bachelor pad. After a few minutes of striking up short lived conversations where I related my experiences of random jobs and tried to ask questions which quickly sizzled and fizzed out like my Coke, I joined a group of girls on the back porch and admired the gazebo and such, we noticed a wooden shark pinned against the fence, facing the party-goers. As our host waltzed over, he wove his story of how he was cleaning up his backyard when he found it amidst the shrubbery, so he decided to display it for us. Let me tell you, it definitely helped with the awkward for a few minutes. THEN, i got to have some real fun. People started asking me about my career. Which is nothing short of a roller-coaster, and is nothing if not unconventional, chaotic, busy and overwhelming if you think about it too much. I related how doors have been slammed in my face, I confronted crazy dogs, my car breaking down and people bemoaning their broken storm drains and trees crashing into their neighbors’ homes all in the name of local county government. Oh my goodness. Then, after my tirade, of course the guy I talked with had some white collar government contracting IT type job. Of course, right? The biggest thing I learned from last night was that although I have a crazy life at the moment, the humility lessons I have learned have been priceless and I have learned to laugh at myself way more than I ever did growing up. I’ve also learned confidence and refusing to give in to comparison despite setbacks that are no less intimidating than driving into a brick wall.

Regardless, I’m so thankful for life’s quirks. Do you have any quirks you want to share (you or a friend)? Share in the comments!


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