Why I’m Thankful – 5 Things

So today finds me in my tiny house in Northern VA, soaking in the sight of a vase brimming with daisies beside my laptop. Balloons hover in the corners of our living room and on our table, lingering reminders that I’ve been 25 for a whole week. I’m stressing less about the epoch of this birthday and I’m practicing on focusing my pent up energy on positive things. So let’s give this a whirl.

1) I always start off with this, but this world would be such a cold, desperate place without my family. They bring joy to my life like the swirls of pink and orange the sun shows off before it drops before the horizon. Most important, when my heart shatters, when spirit faints and my hopes cave in, their hugs, encouragement and perspective on life always buoys me for yet another day. I can engage another season as long as I know they’re somewhere out there, maybe thinking of me, maybe peering at the full moon and marveling at how great God is, how much we still have yet to know His heart.

2) Kind strangers – You know the kind, so this almost goes without saying, but maybe we don’t say it enough. Remember when that car stopped for you just so you could pull out to turn right on a busy side street? Or when someone let you go before them at the check out line or when someone approached you just to take your picture and tell you how pretty you looked even though they didn’t expect you to flatter them back? I’m thinking of those people. A smile slips on your face without noticing and suddenly a really bad day can have you laughing or grinning.

3) Friends – Spending time with true friends is the best, especially when you’re walking through a tough time. An honest, listening ear, a heartfelt greeting, a genuine compliment, a long walk and talk all add up to moments you replay when you find yourself alone in a big city, at work, or in traffic. When laughter bubbles and everything seems funny…there’s something to be said about collecting moments more than stuff. 😉

4) Little kids – Nothing brings a smile to my face more than a wide eyed little girl or boy crossing my path during the day. Where I work, several children swarm in and out of the store with their parents and a few caught my eye. First, a little boy approached me, with adorable wide eyes, a plaintive face and a burst of energy. After I showed him where the baseball caps were, he gushed his thanks and dashed to drag his mom to the section where she could see them for himself. Just his genuine thankfulness for such a simple act was more meaningful than the dozens of customers I had already helped that day. He didn’t expect my help, only had such thankfulness in his heart, willing to toss all away with more joy than opening a present on Christmas.

5) Iced mochas, hot chocolate, brownies, ok, you get the picture. 😉

I’ll share more wedding related info soon. 🙂


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