Friday Anecdotes

Brakes squealing, I hear a loud POP sound as metal against metal collide on the highway outside of my little house, providing a jolting alternative to my alarm clock this Friday morning.

I literally live along a main highway in Northern Virginia, so this actually happens more often than you think. Pulling out of my driveway for a  coffee run, two totaled cars hedged along the side of the highway, along with a tow truck and police car.

It served as a warning for my often careless-driving-music-channel-switching self. Pay more attention, A, my thoughts whisper even as I zip downtown to buy expresso and jaunt around town.

Oh being a twenty something in a big city is so opposite of a Carrie Bradshaw life. I’m actually quite ok with this. I don’t need to buy expensive clothes I can barely afford, and live a glamorous fast paced lifestyle while going out with attractive guys every weekend to find happiness.

One thing I’ve learned, is that attitude is everything. If someone who didn’t even know me compared my life with what it looked like last year, they would say that I’m in almost the same position. I’m still floundering, and trying to find a stable job. Yet, I feel so excited about this season. If I didn’t take the risk of moving out, I never would have engaged with my church at Mclean Bible and I never would have experienced what it was like to be an intern on Capitol Hill for a congressional office.

Uncertainty has fueled my confidence in God and grown my faith. And while I’m still in the process of walking through all of these things, still in the valley trying to find my way, I’m reminded of the Lord’s great love for me.

It’s a love that’s reached in and filled so many parts of me while I’ve been going from one desert season to the next. And I can honestly say that I still have hope.

Let your uncertainty lead you to relying on the Lord in this season and never give up on your dreams even if everything looks and seems impossible.






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