And When I Run

Broken Cisterns. Worthless idols. Forgetful Israelites. Faithful God. These concepts stood out to me the most on my way through Jeremiah 2. I’ve started making my way through this Old Testament book recently. I began wary, I have to admit. Sometimes the OT reads like a different language to me. It talks about idol worship and … More And When I Run

Shari Part One 1/2

“Shari?” His voice again. She fisted her hands. I have to fight this, she thought desperately as she pushed away the feelings. It didn’t matter that he had perfect brown eyes. Or that in his arms she forgot to breathe. Or that she’d memorized almost everything about him. It didn’t matter that every time someone … More Shari Part One 1/2


I’m battling with choices today. This is nothing like a Robert Frost, which path should I travel down choice. This is more like a – should I give up or keep going choice. Except whenever I wrestle with the decision to give up completely, my conscience can’t rest. I know I can’t do that. But … More Choices

No Control

The god of Control tricks its way into our lives with things we believe to be true. But they’re not. They’re lies. And I’m so done believing in them. So many times throughout the Gospels, Jesus keeps telling his followers things that make no sense to them. He speaks with authority and control. His power … More No Control