A Suffering Love

Love, nailed to a tree, His broken body bled out for me.

His heart broken, His heart surrendered, He bore my sin – the evil enslaving me.

Hands outstretched, searing pain as soldiers hammer nails into hands that washed feet and opened blind eyes and welcomed children and draw me in even now.

Love risked – with no regrets.

Love gave – freely.

Love suffered – humbly.

For His enemies, for the ones nailing Him in humiliation.

Mouth silent in the face of His accusers.

And I – I could’ve stood there and said He was innocent. I am guilty. Not Him, take me.

He was blameless. He is.

I am the criminal deserving of a cross. I am the one led astray by my own deceitful heart.

But Love still came and bled out for me.

And rose.

He rose again. Love broke apart my sin and gave freedom -gave life – to me.



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