Pursuing Perfect

Sometimes our hearts don’t make any sense. Or our emotions. Sometimes we look into a mirror and don’t recognize ourselves. I’ve totally done that. Or we’ve seen just how perfect we look on the outside, but underneath all of that we’re a mess.

Perfection isn’t bad in and of itself. Jesus Christ was the perfect sacrifice and He gave the world hope and new life.
But perfection gets twisted when it becomes our sole pursuit.

And it’s been mine so often.

I don’t want to pursue perfection more than Jesus. I hope you don’t either.

So I think we need to stop and just surrender. Seriously live in surrender. When we withhold things from God that’s when our souls crawl into dark places. Where fear clenches. And despair crowds. And the only feeling left is an empty desperation.

So if you’re struggling with anything, or if you’ve kept anything from God, release it to Him. If you’re hiding or afraid and ashamed, please know Jesus loves you.

And please never believe that your life has become so dark that Christ can’t save you. He can. He pursues you.

Perfection is so empty and living for others is such a defeated way of living. And focusing on anything without letting Jesus take the center stage is just meaningless.

I’ve been so stuck on how I’ve failed in relationships but that doesn’t mean I’m a failure or that I’ve failed at life. I am victorious and you can be too. When Jesus came to die, he came to set captives free.

And that means He came to set you free too.


Xoxo Aimee


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