Lift Up

Today finds me sinking against my couch in running shorts, matching pink shirt and mismatched socks. (Am I the only one who loses every matching pair of socks to the washing machine?) I’m exhausted already from this relatively shorter week at work. Mostly it’s mental. And the added stress from navigating the metro. While I’m learning to enjoy my work, I’m also realizing that as an adult there are responsibilities in my life that I can’t exactly escape from.

Like paying bills. And mustering up the energy at the end of the day to buy groceries. Like doing laundry when you feel like reading a book and falling asleep. As the chores mount, stress builds accompanied by all the worry that I try to avoid. It’s insane how worry eats at you. It becomes powerful if you let it. Terrifyingly so. I hope you don’t though.

A few nights ago, I realized just how powerful my worries had become and that was only because I had allowed them to rule over me. I surrendered them to Jesus and felt the weight lift. He always lifts our burdens when we ask Him. I’m so thankful to have a Lord and Savior who loves me and calls me by name and who also cares enough about me to take the burden of my worries and set me free.

When regrets and doubt and fears rush in, Jesus is right there to help you. Just surrender everything to Him and He will bring you through.

Today He reminded me that yes there is suffering, and He grows us through it and it’s so hard as we push through with Him. Yet, His arms are full of grace. Each day is a reflection of His mercy. There might be wars raging and diseases striking and as sin seeps through our lives and breaks apart our world we ache from the depth of our souls, wondering if this is all there is.

Eternity is something I can barely comprehend. But today as I prayed and struggled through the whys of my season, I remembered truth. Hope is found in God’s arms, in God’s presence. But it’s something we need to learn to expect in and believe in and find real vibrant, sustaining joy in. The Lord sustains when we feel like the pressure is too much and there are too many things we must deal with and it all just feels like a mountain about to crush us.

He is the one who empowers us to have joy again. Even in the place we lost it. Or maybe our souls were just lost until He found us.

Wherever you find yourself tonight, please know that Jesus loves you and lifts up your head and gives you hope and joy. Even in this broken world. Despite every worry or fear crowding in, despite every regret and lost dream and broken relationship, who are you to believe that God still doesn’t have a plan for your life? And why can’t He use you? And why are you so afraid to let go of your unbelief and truly believe that He could do just about anything He wanted?

Including deliver you from sin. And rescuing you from the pain and suffering and heartache of this old world.

Believe that He restores your hopes and dreams and will bless you again. He will. He is truly for you and on your side.

Lift up your head, friend and run to Jesus.



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